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Building a Better World Through Content

Flatirons Digital Innovations builds a more educated and informed society by enabling transparent and accessible digital information. We do this by facilitating timely, accurate, and informed conversations between organizations and their customers that help solve complex content and data-driven challenges at the heart of business operations.

We specialize in enterprise content services through technology assessments, solution blueprints, and implementation, integration and support for projects ranging from Application Decommissioning and Data Archiving, to Document Capture, Revenue Lifecycle Management and more.


Make it easy for your customers to find information they rely on.


Give your clients accurate information to help them make informed decisions.


Strengthen your compliance capabilities to reduce data management risks.

What Are Data Archiving and Application Decommissioning?

Why do organizations pursue data archiving and application decommissioning projects? And who does it?

This snapshot describes data archiving and application decommissioning along with their benefits and the types of organizations who engage in these projects.

Learn more about data archiving and application decommissioning.